Message Boards: The Importance of Keeping Conversations on Your Own Websites

COMWeb understands why many companies fear allowing comments from their customers on their own websites. The possibility of a person venting about an unpleasant experience where other potential customers can read it may discourage businesses from allowing open conversations on their sites. However, no matter where the person vents on the internet, it will be there to read, so why not keep some control of how the information is portrayed?

The internet has changed the way that people communicate and learn about the world around them. They research everything, read blogs and reviews, and look up companies on social media sites for additional information. So many details are available to your customers, it is important that you do everything you can to integrate social media and communication into your own website. An approach called the Homeland/Embassy Strategy details why this is critical.

A recent article on Social Media Explorer suggests adding “blogs and message boards [to your own website] in the hope that irate customers will talk to [your] company rather than gripe to the whole internet.” By controlling the arena where the conversation takes place, your company is able to respond and build “trust by willingly debating critics in public.”

You can control the arena where conversations take place on your customer’s COMWeb websites too. All of our sites have message boards incorporated as a feature. However, according to our statistics, over 60% of the COMWeb customer sites have their message boards hidden. These boards are a key element in controlling the venue where your customer’s users talk about your services to them. Whether the conversation is positive or negative, you will be aware and able to respond to your customers about their experiences. Keeping an active, responsive role will continue to increase customer satisfaction.

The article goes on to fully explain the Homeland/Embassy Strategy, which involves embedding your social media sites and their content into your website. The social media sites that your company uses are your embassies and your website is your homeland. It is important that you are actively linking traffic from your embassies (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) to your Homeland (your website). The only place you can control your customers’ experience is on your own website, so take charge of your Homeland!

COMWeb is here to help you take charge. If you are one of our customers with your message boards hidden, we encourage you to reconsider. Open up the lines of communication with your customers and increase their satisfaction!

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